EZQL 2.0: AI powered conversations with your data.

Brandon Strittmatter

Brandon StrittmatterOct 30, 2023

New and improved EZQL, our self-serve AI agent designed for all of your data needs. Dive deep into your database, ask questions, generate queries, revisit past conversations, or even automatically generate dashboards. With our redesigned interface, accessing EZQL is "easier" than ever.

What is EZQL?

Pronounced 'eh•zee•kee•uhl' (or sometimes internally as 'Zeke'), EZQL is our AI agent that makes querying your data... well, easy. Enabling a natural language to query workflow that allows anyone to understand their data, regardless of their SQL expertise.

Why Choose EZQL?

  • Deep Database Integration: Unlike other text-to-sql tools EZQL sits right on top of your database, understanding all the intricacies, the data relationships, foreign keys, indexes, and overall structure. This ensures unparalleled accuracy in every query.

  • Refined: Built upon a foundation of vast query data, EZQL continually improves. We use anonymized user data to enhance its querying capabilities, ensuring utmost confidentiality and no data retention.

  • Open-source: We believe in transparency and flexibility. EZQL is open-source, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly into various environments.

Introducing the New EZQL 2.0

We've completely rebuilt EZQL from the bottom up to improve accuracy, performance, and the overall user experience.
Whether you're looking to explore intricate data patterns, visualize trends, or even create dashboards, EZQL is equipped to assist.

EZQL is accessible anywhere in your Outerbase base, simply click the glowing circle at the bottom of your base and you can start talking to your data.

We've also introduced shortcuts to make querying your data even faster and more accessible.

  • /history: Retrieve past conversations.

  • /new: Initiate a new discussion.

  • /viz: Set up a dashboard. We'll delve into this feature in more detail soon.

Additionally, we built out a data catalog and glossary. Improve your EZQL queries and overall understanding of your database. Add metadata, ensure clarity across your team, and make your data more comprehensible. With the glossary feature, you can define unique terms, ensuring that company-specific data and information are accurately queried.

For example, if your fiscal year ends in January you can simply create a new record called Fiscal Year" and give it a definition of "Fiscal year ends in June." Now when you ask EZQL questions about your performance over the last fiscal year, it'll know how to answer the question accurately.

For the open-source version, you can anticipate all of these changes in an upcoming version. We plan on making it super EZ to install EZQL into your app so you can ask your database questions regardless of the platform.

Lastly, recognizing the data privacy concerns of some of our larger and more regulated customers, we're rolling out an enterprise tier. This tier provides options for a dedicated private model, on-premises solutions, and a managed EZQL experience for custom front-end integrations.

With the new EZQL as a baseline for our AI experience, we're gearing up to simplify a lot more features within Outerbase. Expect additional releases along the lines of autocomplete, co-pilot, advanced data visualization, and much much more.

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