Published Tuesday April 16, 2024

Outerbase + Turso: Streamlining SQLite

Brandon Strittmatter

Brandon Strittmatter

Outerbase + Turso: Streamlining SQLite

At Outerbase we are busy preparing for some major updates in the coming weeks, but this one was so exciting that we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer.

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Turso! They are the team behind LibSQL which is the open-source, open-contribution fork of SQLite. We have joined forces to provide the best developer experience possible on top of your Turso database.

Easy Integration

Our new integration with Turso lets you instantly connect your Turso databases directly to Outerbase. This means you can start managing your data quickly without needing to deal with API tokens or complex setup steps—just a few clicks and you’re ready to go.

Supercharging your Turso experience with Outerbase

Turso offers an interface for viewing and editing your tables, but together with Outerbase, we are taking it a few steps further:

Create Easily add new tables or change existing ones through our interface. You can also use our SQL editor if writing SQL is more of your jam.

Collaborate Your whole team can access and manage your databases in their workspace. Keep everybody aligned and use the same queries and terminology when they refer to the data.

Create beautiful and easy to digest charts and visualizations directly in Outerbase, from your Turso database. These are all driven by SQL and can be embedded anywhere.

Explore Our AI data management features allow you to run ad-hoc queries on top of your database, generate data, and even update schemas without being a SQL expert.

The Future

We believe that this partnership with Turso will make managing your databases much easier and more efficient, enhancing the tools that you rely on daily. We're excited about the possibilities this brings and look forward to the future this partnership holds.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your Turso database now!

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