Published Tuesday April 30, 2024

Day 2 – Outerbase 2.0

Brandon Strittmatter

Brandon Strittmatter

Day 2 – Outerbase 2.0

You may have already noticed the fresh new website, but if you haven’t been paying close attention to Outerbase recently, you’ll notice a brand new experience in the Data Studio as well. We’ve reworked it from the ground up including many powerful new features. I’ll try to enumerate them all here so you can see just how robust it is, but to get a true taste of Outerbase you’re going to have to try it out for yourself.

Meeting users where they are

First, going back to our core mission of making data accessible. That means you should be able to access your data no matter what device you are on. To that end we’ve released native apps for both Mac and Windows. Now you can easily access your databases directly from the dock screen on your machine. Additionally, we have mobile optimized the entire Data Studio so you can easily pull up your database and query it from your phone. I actually have it saved as a PWA on my phone.

Empowering power users

Next we’ve released a lot of power features including, tab based navigation, command + k menus, app shortcuts, and better state management. I could write an entire blog post on how we handle in-app tabs, in fact I think I will, but it makes navigating your database so much easier. You no longer lose sight of where you are in your database or have to leave your current flow to figure out what context you’re in. If you are familiar with VS Code or any other modern IDE it will feel right at home. Additionally we added cmd + k for quick navigation, cmd + / to instantly pop open our EZQL AI agent, and there are so many more shortcuts for quality of life improvements.

Custom compact components

We were tired of over bloated packages full of features we didn't need so we did what any sane person would do and built our own Code editor and data table from scratch. It’s only 20kb and it’s as fully-functioning as you could ever need for editing SQL queries. We’ve added AI capabilities on top of it as well so you can have a copilot-like experience right on top of your database. We also built our own data table for similar reasons, a custom built web component that is super powerful and fast. Able to load in hundreds and thousands of rows instantly and it still feels smooth like butter.

Again there are many many more features included that we don’t even have the time or space to talk through, but I'm really excited to present the all new Outerbase experience to you. I really think you’re going to love working with your data now.

What's Next

Stay tuned for some really exciting updates on the component front, I won't spoil anything too much now, but I feel like we're really going to open your eyes to some exciting new capabilities in the coming days.

We also went live on Product Hunt today and would really appreciate your support there.

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