Introducing ob1: Generative backends

Brandon Strittmatter

Brandon StrittmatterNov 28, 2023

We are excited to announce ob1, one small step for AI, and one giant leap for app development. There have been multiple tools to help you generate a frontend or act as a copilot for your code, ob1 takes it a step further and generates your entire backend: schema, database, and Commands included.

Picture this: describing your app idea in plain language and seeing it come to life. ob1 is the first auto-generative backend, leveraging AI to transform backend development from a chore into a streamlined and fast process.

How it works

You can interact with ob1 in one of three ways, with a prompt, pasting in your code, or even uploading a photo of what you want. ob1 will then look at your input and make it real! To further break it down:

  • Add your input (prompt, code, or image)

  • ob1 generates a database schema, the SQL to create it, and the functions to hit it

  • Iterate on any additional details you need, simply by prompting further

  • Deploy it directly to Outerbase or copy the DDL, and code and run it yourself

The true magic with ob1 is that it works wherever you are on your app development journey. Whether you want to start from scratch or add a new feature to your existing app.

Some real-world examples:

What if you could generate an e-commerce site just by asking for one? Well, now you can:

Let's say you built a beautiful front end, but you are not quite sure how to make it functional, with ob1 not only will we generate the backend, but it will show you how to connect it to your code.

Lastly, what if all you have is a Figma file, or some other UI, but you want something more than just that static image? ob1 will give you all the endpoints and schemas you need to make it real!

We truly believe this is the future of app development. So the only question left is, what will you build?

We are also live on Product Hunt! → Checkout ob1 and upvote it here

Try ob1 today and redefine how you approach app development.

What will you discover?

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