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No Database? No Problem!

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Brandon Strittmatter11/3/2023

tl;dr Outerbase introduces instant SQLite database creation, offering a seamless experience for users looking to quickly prototype or experiment with their data. From easy updating structure to in-line editing and EZQL capabilities, crafting a database has never been this easy. While still in beta, this feature promises more enhancements soon.

Instant SQLite Databases: Your Data Canvas
Want to start a project, but find yourself without a database? Outerbase has you covered! Now, you can instantly create an SQLite database within Outerbase. Just name your database, and you're ready to go. Think of these SQLite databases, currently in beta, as a scratchpad or a blank canvas for your data explorations.

Note: SQLite databases are still in beta and are recommended for experimental use rather than production workloads.

Structure: Crafting Your Database with Ease
The Structure tab in your SQLite simplifies the process of adding columns and rows to your database. Define names, specify data types, and set constraints or foreign keys with just a few clicks. Additionally, optimizing your tables with indexes is straightforward, all from within the user-friendly interface.

EZQL: Effortless Table Population
Populating your tables is a breeze with EZQL. Specify the kind of table you desire, define the columns, and let EZQL take over. It can even populate your tables with sample data, perfect for quick prototyping or testing layouts.

In-Line Editing: Spreadsheet Simplicity
Outerbase allows you to interact with your data in a familiar spreadsheet-like environment. Update data directly within the cell, and once you're satisfied, push all your changes live with ease.

SQLite: A Rapid Start to Your Data Journey
Creating a database with Outerbase's SQLite feature is one of the quickest ways to kickstart your data projects. While this feature is packed with functionalities, there's more on the horizon. Look forward to enhancements like CSV importing and live syncing with other data sources.


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