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Brandon Strittmatter

Brandon StrittmatterNov 2, 2023

tl;dr On Day 4 of our Launch Week, we're thrilled to unveil Plugins for Outerbase. These allow you to enhance data presentation and interaction, offering everything from inline image previews to custom views. With table plugins, column enhancements, and a growing marketplace, Outerbase Plugins are a game changer for your database experience.

Bridging Gaps with Plugins
We're excited to step into Day 4 of our Launch Week with the introduction of Plugins. Designed to seamlessly extend the presentation and interaction with your data, Plugins offer solutions to common challenges, such as the need for inline image previews or more intuitive ways to modify your JSON.

Table Plugins: A New Perspective
Our table plugins redefine how tables render in Outerbase. Imagine transforming your conventional data table into a visually appealing Gallery or a dynamic Kanban board. This feature is a game-changer, especially for those with media-rich databases, allowing for intuitive navigation through data.

Column Plugins: Tailored Views
Column plugins bring enhanced customization to individual views or previews on your table. Out of the box, you'll find an improved JSON viewer, a date picker, and a boolean toggle. We're also working on introducing an enum (multiple choice) and more. While the classic spreadsheet-like row editing remains, an optional button at the end of the cell adds flexibility. And for those who prefer a cleaner interface, these plugins can be easily disabled.

Custom Plugins: Personalizing Your Database
The introduction of custom plugins allows you to tailor Outerbase to your specific needs. Our community has contributed fantastic plugins, including map previews, language translations, and HTML previewers, which we're eager to incorporate. The creativity and diversity of views generated on top of data have been impressive, and we're opening the doors for you to build your own.

Marketplace: A Hub for Plugins
Our Marketplace is now live with a curated selection of plugins. While the current selection is concise, we're continually adding more options. You're also invited to contribute and share your plugins, helping us grow this platform to meet anyone's data needs.

We hope these plugins elevate your experience with Outerbase and look forward to seeing what you create. Stay tuned for more updates!

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